Rules of watching a Mayday concert

  1. Blue glow sticks. Always blue.
  2. Comfy shoes. Don’t think you will get to sit down. YOU WILL NOT SIT DOWN.
  3. Rock on with every.single.being. inside the fucking venue, and feel the energy like lightning electrifying every single cell of your body.
  4. Doesn’t matter if you speak Mandarin well enough to follow the banter. Just rock on and enjoy the party.

photos are not mine, because my concert photos SUCK. But if you guys ever see this band around in your hometown? Even if you buy the crappiest tickets, go in and I swear you won’t regret it.

P.S. The rainbow thing? The concert organizers and the band arranged for every seat to have a colored card with lyrics of one song printed. And then everyone held it up during that song, and magic happened.