Favorite Team 4/10 - Mayday (Taiwanese Band)
(along with Real Person Shipping OTP #1: Ashin and Monster [last pic, L-R respectively])

They’re not a fictional team, but they are the most brotherly band out there. Like, real brothers calling one another out on their bullshit, teasing one another and watching out for one another. They’re funny and fiercely devoted to one another. When Monster’s mother fell into a coma while they were preparing for a new album, all of them shifted to Monster’s house to record and keep him company. When Guanyou and Stone each proposed to their respective girlfriends in front of thousands during concerts, the others helped plan out the proposals and cheered the loudest for their bros. They are godfathers to Stone’s sons and Guanyou’s daughters, and I look forward to Mayday Generation 2.0

[As for the ship… they’re co-founders of the band, classmates, president/vice-president of the guitar club where they met… I can wax rhapsodic about them for ages. Another time :)  ]

They have a friendship I can only envy, and are a team to envy